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Digital marketers can now connect online interest and intent to offline, tangible in-home media that converts. 

Tangible Media Formats

<p>Tangible Media Formats</p>

Say goodbye to digital delivery issues and interruption of the consumer experience. Dynamically created within 24 hours of a consumer’s visit, our Programmatic Postcard™ and Programmatic Catalog™ allow marketers to continue the conversation via a respectful, longer-lasting media impression delivered in-home. Consumers can then take action on their terms and at their convenience. 

Programmatic Catalog™

Programmatic Catalog™

Tell your personalized brand story in a robust canvas that combines content and commerce via our Programmatic Catalog™. Dynamically rendered and printed on-demand, our first-class catalogs contain a minimum of eight customized pages of editorial content, tagged promos, targeted merchandise, and more.

Digital marketers choose the mass personalization of the Programmatic Catalog™ to convey a broader swath of information, multiple calls-to-action, or to feature a variety of relevant products and services a.k.a., a lookbook to targeted consumers.

Sealed Envelope, Oversized Postcards & Trifolds

Programmatic Postcard™

Programmatic Postcard™

Recapture online interest and convert more customers with our high brand impact Programmatic Postcard™. These first-class high-quality stock cards are driven by consumer interest and intent and customized based on your campaign parameters.

Digital marketers leverage our effective cards for focused calls-to-action such as a discount offer, thank-you upsell, drive to new store locations and more. Because no one ever taped a banner ad to the fridge.

Programmatic Direct Mail® converts.


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