Tangible Success, Measurable Results. 

Digital marketers recapture online interest and convert more customers with our solutions for remarketing, acquisition, prospecting, and brand awareness.

The first ad server for tangible media.

Event Capture

As a customer browses your site, our platform automatically builds a targeted mailing list based on their page visits, searches and other events like cart abandonment.

Campaign Management

Our dashboard makes it easy to define customer segments, manage creative assets and set schedules and budgets across all of your programmatic direct mail campaigns.

Address Graph

Our proprietary graph links multiple identifiers across browsers, devices, email and postal to determine the most accurate addressability.

Dynamic Production

Within 12-24 hours of a user visit, Programmatic Postcard™ and Programmatic Catalog™ are dynamically rendered and distributed to major postal hubs for first-class delivery.

Real-Time Analytics

Digital marketers gain insights into performance across campaigns, including response path activity, conversions, filterable by any day or date range and more.

Continuous Optimization

Our reporting delivers real-time insight into your programmatic campaign performance. Response, conversion and return-on-marketing-spend data optimize the next day's mail.

Solutions for Digital Marketers


Recall and convert customer visits.


Find and reach new customers in-home.


Pique interest from engaged visitors.

Brand Awareness

High-impact relevancy into home.

Programmatic Direct Mail® Dashboard

The PebblePost Dashboard

Manage campaigns with familiar digital controls and reporting.


  • Creative
  • Budget & Schedule
  • A/B tests
  • Frequency Caps
  • Geo-targeting
  • Suppression Lists


  • Total Sends
  • Responses
  • Conversions
  • Cohort Analysis
  • ROAS

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